YEAR: 2022

PROJECT: Graphis | Designers for Peace (Poster)

SERVICES: Graphic Design, Print

AWARDS: Graphis (Honorable Mention)

ABOUT: Selected artwork for a competition (Designers for Peace) organized by Graphis. | The unprovoked war started by Putin changed the course of Ukraine and its citizens forever. An irreparable mark of destruction was forced in the country. Through a composition of forms, the poster demonstrates the social and infrastructural damages (flag shape & gray zone) that the war caused. The visual arrangement creates a double statement between the lost buildings and it also acts as a tribute to Ukrainians lives and future. The typographic approach attempts to convey a message of resistance that prevails from the country's defenders as it holds their attackers accountable. Using a visual innuendo inspired by matryoshka dolls, the bullets represent a concept of duality that appeals both to the lives lost in the war as well as to the lives of those still defending Ukraine from Russian invasion. The poster aims to create awareness about the outrageous war in Ukraine by encouraging the country's defense against their real aggressors. | (24"x36")